Saturday, July 29, 2006

That fatefull day....

Well, its 4:30 in the mourning and I don't have to be at that interview by 1pm. Time for some more virtual reality! I head for the kitchen,turn on the coffee, and went streight for the VR unit. Huh, thats funny its on again. Must be a problem with the power supply. That did'nt stop me one bit. I donned the vr suite and put the visor on. Lets see what my subconciense deals out this time. Everythings starts off dark,then I get the tingling in my spine as the computer links with my brain. I leaned back and open my eyes, and what do I see? This beautifull angel hovering over me. I start to get up,but she pushes me back into bed. Wow, is this lady hot or what. She appears to be about 5 foot even. Bright blue eyes and incredebly long strawberry red hair. She is gorgous!. I asked her what her name was,yet she remains silent Then this big smirk appeared on her face as she starts to unzip my pants. She started to speak,but thought otherwise. After that she produced this chromed out pistol and put it in my mouth, and screamed "You should have paid your rent DEADBEAT!" For the second time tonight I awaked in a bloody scream. My neighbors from below was pounding on the floor. I am definatly seeking professional help! Its again 4am and Im in a cold sweat. So, a shower should calm me down a bit. As I exited the bedroom and walk throught the living room, I notice that the damn VR unit was on yet again. This time I unpluged the thing. Funny the lights just flickered,this VR unit from M$ should'nt be drawing that much power............

/* thats it for now, I'll post more when I can get my brain to work better */


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