Sunday, July 30, 2006

she's gone for now...

/*and now the back to the story. */

Whew, shes finally gone.. Im glad she bought my suggestion. Just for a little payback I'll tell her the only way to get rid of this new virus she downloaded is to reformat the hard-drive and reload 98. Personally I prefere linux,but I doubt shes got enough brains to figure out how to insert a live CD. Well its already 8pm and I have this big interview tomorow,so I better be getting to bed. As I started to head for the bedroom, this blinking light eminating from the VR unit caught my attention. I could have sworn I turn that damn thing off. Oh well, I hit the power switch and went to sleep. Hours later I woke up to this big crash! ITs the land lady,man she looks totaly demonic! Just then she lifted the refridgerator and hurled it at me. YOU SHOULD HAVE PAID YOUR RENT ON TIME!!!! As this big clunky old refer hit me in the head I woke up screaming!! Thats when I notice all the blood. Awe man, my nose is bleeding, thats the second time this week. My blood pressure must be throught the roof. I should see a doctor(and maybe a psych with this nightmare I just had) 4 am I might as well make some coffee. I went throught the living room heading for the kitchen when I notice that the VR unit is on again. What the.... I know I turn this thing off. Thats twice now. Maybe I should see a shink....

/* thats all for now, Im needing coffee now and must take care of other business till next time*/


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