Sunday, July 16, 2006

psyched out.....

Ok, its been an hour since Amber called,so I laid on the couch to watch a little TV until she arrives. Only she never did, so I called her to see why she was late. This is getting a bit weird, Amber told me that she never called! Huh, Im sure I talked to her this morning. In fact, I know I did. Thats it! Im calling a head shrinker After setting the appointment for 8:45 the next morning, I cancelled the apointment I had today. No need in flipping out during a job interview. I am definatly sick in the head. Why is that every time something goods about to happen, all I get is misery? What to do now? Its only 9:30am, lets have something to eat. I head into the kitchen and looked into the refer. Theres nothing to eat, time to head to the store. On my way to the store, I was pulled over by the state trooper on highway 280,not now! After a few minutes of setting in his cruiser, the officer finaly was at my car. "Do you know how fast you were going?"he asked. I was'nt really sure,but I told him about 46 miles per hour. "You were doing 45"he retorted, ok was that not the speed limit I asked him? He looked at the speed sign not far from us and said,"well my mistake, you free to go,just don't forget to pay you rent, ok" He handed me back my drivers license and left. I sat there for a few just to pull it together. How the hell did he know about my rent,and why would he care? On to the store, as luck would have it there the parking lot was almost empty. I parked and went into the store....


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