Friday, July 21, 2006

my love.......or is she?

I unplugged that damn vr machine and threw it into the closet. After that, I decided to hop in the shower and get ready for the day. As I stepped out of the shower, I did a double take as I thought I seen a little bit of blood drop from the shower head. After another look, there is no blood to be found. Well, I thought to myself, I must be seeing things. Mental note, I quiped, make an appointment with a psychatirist. Off to town I go, but first I need to eat something. After finishing breakfast, the phone rang. I rush to answer it,but the machine picked up before I could. "Hey hun, Im running a little late,but I'll be there in a few. Im at the bank, so I can get money to pay my rent. Have you paid your rent yet? Well gotta go, Im next in line, bye hun". Thats my girl friend, yes I have one, shocker I know. This girl is awesome! She is hot,sweet, and can do things to networked computers, even the CIA would love. This little hacker is my life long love. Funny thing though, she owns her own condo. Amber does'nt need to pay rent, she must mean her property tax as it is that time of year again. Another funny thing, I never told her about my embarassing problem with my own rent. I better get ready for todays trip..........

/* note from author, please let me know how Im doing. Only one person has contacted me about my blog. To her I promiss to work on my grammer. thank you. :) /*


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