Monday, July 31, 2006

In the dark /*first post of a multipost blogbook*/

I sit here in the darkness, holding my sweet new phaser and itching to try it out. Its been a two hour wait for this dumb Romulan to show up,yet once the Embassador meets with him I'll have my chance to change history. Finaly, this little pissant shows up. As he talks with the Embassador I take this oputunity to fix him in my sites. Just as I was about to pull the trigger I heard an extremly loud noise. BAM BAM BAM I rush for cover, there it is again BAM BAM BAM: WHERES THE RENT!! Your two days late!!!!!screamed my land lady. Its already the first, damn, I quickly shut down my VR unit and hope I can think of something to appease her with. Maybe a free PC diagnostic session. Shes always crusing those damn porn site. I keep telling her thats how shes getting spyware. She never listens. BAM BAM BAM ok ok Im comming.............

Seriously, people my rent is really due,yet this small half horse town has no jobs. I need creative ways to make money online. Any ideas? BTW I might as well introduce my self. My name is Ben and Im about to turn 30. Wow I never new I had the potential to become such a nerdy loser! At least Im not living with my parents. I graduated high school back in 1996 and went to college for one year until my funds ran out. Now I repair computers for local people around town,but being the 16 of the month nobody has any money.(including me)Theres got to a better way. I look at ebay but they require a credit card(my last one was cut up)Im ofcourse gonna try blogging for dollars. The only resources I have right now is an old laptop and a DSL line.
Im open to suggestions. Thanks. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger meltdown_override said...

Please don't spam my blog I need actual feedback on my writing skills. How else will I get better at this.

8:50 PM  

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