Wednesday, December 13, 2006

an unexpected hiatus.

Sorry for not posting for a while. I will try and post once a week now,but I can't promis anything. Life hase been really weird lately and I have to scramble to get my equipment back up and running.

Monday, July 31, 2006

/* weird date */ does not allow to specify the order of your blogs(why I don't know) so I have to play with the dates to make this blog read more like a book. Just if your wondering why the date seems screwed up. Thanks for reading this blog. :)

In the dark /*first post of a multipost blogbook*/

I sit here in the darkness, holding my sweet new phaser and itching to try it out. Its been a two hour wait for this dumb Romulan to show up,yet once the Embassador meets with him I'll have my chance to change history. Finaly, this little pissant shows up. As he talks with the Embassador I take this oputunity to fix him in my sites. Just as I was about to pull the trigger I heard an extremly loud noise. BAM BAM BAM I rush for cover, there it is again BAM BAM BAM: WHERES THE RENT!! Your two days late!!!!!screamed my land lady. Its already the first, damn, I quickly shut down my VR unit and hope I can think of something to appease her with. Maybe a free PC diagnostic session. Shes always crusing those damn porn site. I keep telling her thats how shes getting spyware. She never listens. BAM BAM BAM ok ok Im comming.............

Seriously, people my rent is really due,yet this small half horse town has no jobs. I need creative ways to make money online. Any ideas? BTW I might as well introduce my self. My name is Ben and Im about to turn 30. Wow I never new I had the potential to become such a nerdy loser! At least Im not living with my parents. I graduated high school back in 1996 and went to college for one year until my funds ran out. Now I repair computers for local people around town,but being the 16 of the month nobody has any money.(including me)Theres got to a better way. I look at ebay but they require a credit card(my last one was cut up)Im ofcourse gonna try blogging for dollars. The only resources I have right now is an old laptop and a DSL line.
Im open to suggestions. Thanks. :)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

she's gone for now...

/*and now the back to the story. */

Whew, shes finally gone.. Im glad she bought my suggestion. Just for a little payback I'll tell her the only way to get rid of this new virus she downloaded is to reformat the hard-drive and reload 98. Personally I prefere linux,but I doubt shes got enough brains to figure out how to insert a live CD. Well its already 8pm and I have this big interview tomorow,so I better be getting to bed. As I started to head for the bedroom, this blinking light eminating from the VR unit caught my attention. I could have sworn I turn that damn thing off. Oh well, I hit the power switch and went to sleep. Hours later I woke up to this big crash! ITs the land lady,man she looks totaly demonic! Just then she lifted the refridgerator and hurled it at me. YOU SHOULD HAVE PAID YOUR RENT ON TIME!!!! As this big clunky old refer hit me in the head I woke up screaming!! Thats when I notice all the blood. Awe man, my nose is bleeding, thats the second time this week. My blood pressure must be throught the roof. I should see a doctor(and maybe a psych with this nightmare I just had) 4 am I might as well make some coffee. I went throught the living room heading for the kitchen when I notice that the VR unit is on again. What the.... I know I turn this thing off. Thats twice now. Maybe I should see a shink....

/* thats all for now, Im needing coffee now and must take care of other business till next time*/

Saturday, July 29, 2006

That fatefull day....

Well, its 4:30 in the mourning and I don't have to be at that interview by 1pm. Time for some more virtual reality! I head for the kitchen,turn on the coffee, and went streight for the VR unit. Huh, thats funny its on again. Must be a problem with the power supply. That did'nt stop me one bit. I donned the vr suite and put the visor on. Lets see what my subconciense deals out this time. Everythings starts off dark,then I get the tingling in my spine as the computer links with my brain. I leaned back and open my eyes, and what do I see? This beautifull angel hovering over me. I start to get up,but she pushes me back into bed. Wow, is this lady hot or what. She appears to be about 5 foot even. Bright blue eyes and incredebly long strawberry red hair. She is gorgous!. I asked her what her name was,yet she remains silent Then this big smirk appeared on her face as she starts to unzip my pants. She started to speak,but thought otherwise. After that she produced this chromed out pistol and put it in my mouth, and screamed "You should have paid your rent DEADBEAT!" For the second time tonight I awaked in a bloody scream. My neighbors from below was pounding on the floor. I am definatly seeking professional help! Its again 4am and Im in a cold sweat. So, a shower should calm me down a bit. As I exited the bedroom and walk throught the living room, I notice that the damn VR unit was on yet again. This time I unpluged the thing. Funny the lights just flickered,this VR unit from M$ should'nt be drawing that much power............

/* thats it for now, I'll post more when I can get my brain to work better */

Friday, July 21, 2006

my love.......or is she?

I unplugged that damn vr machine and threw it into the closet. After that, I decided to hop in the shower and get ready for the day. As I stepped out of the shower, I did a double take as I thought I seen a little bit of blood drop from the shower head. After another look, there is no blood to be found. Well, I thought to myself, I must be seeing things. Mental note, I quiped, make an appointment with a psychatirist. Off to town I go, but first I need to eat something. After finishing breakfast, the phone rang. I rush to answer it,but the machine picked up before I could. "Hey hun, Im running a little late,but I'll be there in a few. Im at the bank, so I can get money to pay my rent. Have you paid your rent yet? Well gotta go, Im next in line, bye hun". Thats my girl friend, yes I have one, shocker I know. This girl is awesome! She is hot,sweet, and can do things to networked computers, even the CIA would love. This little hacker is my life long love. Funny thing though, she owns her own condo. Amber does'nt need to pay rent, she must mean her property tax as it is that time of year again. Another funny thing, I never told her about my embarassing problem with my own rent. I better get ready for todays trip..........

/* note from author, please let me know how Im doing. Only one person has contacted me about my blog. To her I promiss to work on my grammer. thank you. :) /*

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

just listed with

I just listed this site with

This site is a great way to get your blog known. :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

psyched out.....

Ok, its been an hour since Amber called,so I laid on the couch to watch a little TV until she arrives. Only she never did, so I called her to see why she was late. This is getting a bit weird, Amber told me that she never called! Huh, Im sure I talked to her this morning. In fact, I know I did. Thats it! Im calling a head shrinker After setting the appointment for 8:45 the next morning, I cancelled the apointment I had today. No need in flipping out during a job interview. I am definatly sick in the head. Why is that every time something goods about to happen, all I get is misery? What to do now? Its only 9:30am, lets have something to eat. I head into the kitchen and looked into the refer. Theres nothing to eat, time to head to the store. On my way to the store, I was pulled over by the state trooper on highway 280,not now! After a few minutes of setting in his cruiser, the officer finaly was at my car. "Do you know how fast you were going?"he asked. I was'nt really sure,but I told him about 46 miles per hour. "You were doing 45"he retorted, ok was that not the speed limit I asked him? He looked at the speed sign not far from us and said,"well my mistake, you free to go,just don't forget to pay you rent, ok" He handed me back my drivers license and left. I sat there for a few just to pull it together. How the hell did he know about my rent,and why would he care? On to the store, as luck would have it there the parking lot was almost empty. I parked and went into the store....